Chris Sepulvado

…will be executed February 13 by lethal injection at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola if he does not receive executive clemency.

Please sign the petition to our Governor, who is a practicing Catholic and pro-life.

Governor Jindal recently defunded hospice care in our state and was forced to reverse his position by pressure from the public and in particular from out of state.

Please sign. February 13 is Ash Wednesday which means that much of this state will be distracted by Mardi Gras festivities in Sepulvado’s projected last days.

Do not allow this clever trick to work.

Bobby Jindal, Governor
PO Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804


8 thoughts on “Chris Sepulvado

  1. This piece of human garbage does not deserve clemency. Should have been tortured to death a long time ago. Let’s at least snuff the son of a bitch next Wednesday!!

  2. * You will not stop killing with more killing
    * Murder and torture are beneath the dignity of the state and should not be engaged in in our name
    * Sepulvado is guilty but many are not; use of capital punishment is a slippery slope skewed to injustice
    * Capital punishment retraumatizes victims
    * Shantih shantih shantih
    * And why do so many say “let go and let God” about everything *except* revenge, capital punishment, and so on … when they seem to want to be the arm of that bloody Old Testament diety? I really question the sincerity, the intellectual rigor, and the virtue of such folk.

  3. well! guess who found Jesus on death row??!!??
    fry this sleazeball! he MURDERED a six year old!!! shame it has taken SO LONG to finally SET THINGS RIGHT!

    1. The way to stop killing is to stop killing.

      (There is a lot of violence in you — I hope you can calm yourself, take a long walk today, breathe the pain out.)

  4. This guy,chris sepulveda, scalded a helpless six year old baby to death. Can
    you imagine the screams of this poor baby? The bishops are saying he is catholicand he has already served his time for the punishment for the crime.
    I think the catholic priests and bishops have caused enough Pain and grief to
    Little Children and they should be lined up with chris sepulveda for a Lethal
    Injection.Anyone that shows up for this “vigil” Wendesday should be arrested.

  5. Justice has been too long delayed. It’s time this child receive justice for what happened to him so long ago.

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