Working Wednesday

9-9:30 e-mail
11:30 – 4:30 technical issues, more e-mail and website updating, office and file reorganization, student paper reorganizing, book finding and returning, Skype Clarissa. Most of this involved teaching, and there was a little service and a little research. There was also a 30 minute break.

This means 5 hours of inefficient work so far. Yesterday I was very efficient and the result of this usually means inefficiency the next day. I prefer medium efficiency, it allows me to reflect more and ultimately I get more done overall.

Now I have a lot of grading and preparation and much else to do, but I want to go running. We will see how much I get done this evening.


2 thoughts on “Working Wednesday

  1. I am going to remember that observation about medium efficiency. I think you’re right. Bursts of intense work are followed by periods of relative dormancy for me–on a day-to-day basis, that is.

  2. I think I am right too! I am going to follow my advice!

    Update: did not run, sat in office 3 more hours, looking at and for files and finding articles. I think I am going to count this as 1 hour of actual work.

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