The Ivor Situation

Vichy State University is so openly crooked it is hard to believe. Here is Raymond Seed in case you do not trust Van Heerden. Note that Voyiadjis and Dokka were elite professors. Bassiouni is retiring with honors and Ruffner has escaped to Georgia.

By Jan. 5, 2006, less than five months after the deadly flooding of New Orleans, it appeared that some LSU officials were preparing to end van Heerden’s LSU career.

George Z. Voyiadjis, chairman of LSU’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, sent an email that day to Zaki Bassiouni, dean of LSU’s College of Engineering.

“You advised me that you will need my signature on correspondence that the university is preparing for the purpose of discharging Ivor,” Voyiadjis wrote Bassiouni. “I will do as you requested. Let me know when to come to your office for that purpose.”

As van Heerden repeated his allegations against the corps, powerful figures at LSU intensified their expressions of dissatisfaction with him.

Roy K. Dokka, director of LSU’s Spatial Reference Center and Center for GeoInformatics, sent an email Oct. 24, 2005, to Michael Ruffner, vice chancellor of LSU’s Office of Communications and University Relations.

Dokka did not mention van Heerden by name, but told Ruffner: “I have been in Washington several times recently, meeting with the congressional delegation and federal agencies. In almost every contact, I am asked how so-and-so’s irresponsible behavior is tolerated.”

Dokka said, “It is a shame that so many very competent people at LSU who do their business in a professional manner are being sullied by a few.”

Dokka also told Ruffner that LSU “will remain in third rate category unless the ‘cowboys’ are (reined) in.”


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