Doing what one wishes, what one thinks best, always gives the best results. I am not raised to even imagine doing this, but to choose the most interesting thing off a preapproved list or to choose, from the list, what is desired for me. I am still trying to learn to do as I see fit rather than to discard my desires and professional opinions out of hand.

→I wanted to take this afternoon off and I did not allow myself to do so, and this was detrimental.

→I could, in theory, really get into radical pedagogy, and write articles with titles like ¿Qué es una clase? One can do and be interested in so many things if one allows oneself to think on the theoretical side of life. It is just a question of time and the fact that this is not my first interest. Or, I would do this if I did not have so many different classes to teach.

Best use of time today would have been to sleep at the pool. Brilliant ideas would have come to me. I will remember this; that is how I was before.


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