Race and the state…

Ahora bien. Tomorrow I will start writing it in English and it will, as we have said, begin with Bolívar and then go on to Doris Sommer. Next it will talk about Goldberg and da Silva (and mention Sanjinés and Lund). The point is that mestizaje and the nation are old topics but race, modernity and the state are current. Looking at these texts without the Vasconcelos-Ortiz-Freyre-Andrade [et al.] lens, and without the swallowing Bolívar and Martí whole, we see another picture.

First: María, and the evoke-and-elide strategy. Then: Cecilia, and the newly discovered fact that this entire novel is a “misplaced idea.” Then, Azevedo and the violence.

I am going to show that these texts are not about national conciliation and I am going to show that the framework Goldberg and da Silva offer is the one we should want. This looks to be a long piece and might have to be two. That does not matter.


4 thoughts on “Race and the state…

  1. Z: You might want to read the chapter on Latin America in Amy Chua’s World on Fire. If you can’t get the book easily, I’ll send it to you.
    I was thinking that privileged people can read a lot about Latin America, visit there, even live there, but they often manage to learn nothing anyway. The situation is just too advantageous for them.

    1. I am lazy, that is to say overscheduled, and I say yes send it to me. This book is not really on topic for me (I know it sounds like it and so on) but it is of course related and could also be a great thing to teach with.

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