I started out as Professor Zero, writing in memory of Paulo Freire, and became Miclantecuhtli. Now I am the coldhearted scientist, Occupying higher education. I used to say Axé but now I may say #OccupyHE. #OccupyHE. Axé.

For further revision

This would be the paragraph that needs expansion, in the form of a phrase or two of expansion around each “this” — Serious as this situation is, to take it as a fait accompli whose remedy will be MOOCs is premature. Especially in view of the expense involved in creating a good MOOC, my strong … More For further revision

More evidence

…that Reeducation was just sexism masquerading as science: “[People] who are taught that their needs and desires are not to be trusted, are fickle and wrong and are not to be interpreted by the [person] [them]self… Axé.

The neoliberalism connection

These changes constitute “reforms” in the way that school closings in poor communities have been dubbed “education reform,” or the way in which Reagan’s tax cuts for the super-wealthy were championed as “tax reform.” Early advocates of the prison system—the folks who brought us solitary confinement in the first place—called themselves “reformers,” too. And, by … More The neoliberalism connection

Edited slice

A few months ago, it was announced [Who announced? Change to active voice?] that massive open online courses, or MOOCs, would soon solve the crisis in higher education by replacing traditional universities. With their advent costs would fall, quality would soar, and access to learning would be greatly expanded. But soon, the discussion shifted. Now, … More Edited slice