Courses Spring 2013

I made decisions about two courses and now I am honing in on the third. I want, eventually, to drop the textbook but I will merely work toward that. Here is some boilerplate for the course description that I have lifted from someone else.

This course provides an introduction to Hispanic literature and to the analysis of cultural literary texts. In particular, it focuses on retooling something that you probably already take for granted: reading. During the semester, we will learn how to read both critically and creatively, analyzing the strategies that different authors use to express their ideas, create their literary and filmic worlds, and engage the reader.

The class will familiarize you with the basic tools for the analysis of film and three literary genres: narrative, poetry, and drama. We will question the limits of textual interpretation (is any interpretation of a text valid?) and work towards producing readings that are creative, insightful and grounded. The course will also focus, therefore, on techniques of analytical and argumentative writing in Spanish, and on the building of your textual interpretation in both oral and written form.

The analytical tools that you acquire in this course will prepare you for more advanced classes in literature and culture. They will also empower you to be more critical and creative thinkers across the board, whatever your major or interests.

Interestingly, this professor puts a blurb on herself right in the course description; it is an interesting idea. “Professor D is a specialist in 20th century Spanish literature, culture and film. She has published on Federico Garcia Lorca, gender politics in literature, and the politics of cultural memory in contemporary Spain.”


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