Unpacking my library

I am unpacking my library. I have given away a good photocopy of Robert Young’s White Mythologies, a book I would like to have available, because it is a photocopy. I am about to give away good paperback copies of Bakhtin’s Rabelais and Beverley and Zimmerman’s Literature and Politics in the Central American Revolutions, because I … More Unpacking my library


…so I went to school and went to class and everything is fine. It is just: I am so scarred by teaching recalcitrant freshmen and having old-fashioned supervisors on my case about THEIR ideas of how freshmen should be served. I am so tired of being so far away from everything. I am so seriously … More Hmm…

I see

It is that one is not required to be one’s own enemy. In Reeducation this was required, and a great deal of academic advice is structured in the same way: one is to suspect and mistrust oneself. One could even harbor friendly feelings toward oneself. I have done this sometimes — especially, as I remember, … More I see

A light post

I might need a present. One of the beds, which I bought in late graduate school and was wonderful, is having some trouble with the slats and has no headboard. I could repair the slats if I got the right burlap and staples but it would still have no headboard. I am shopping. I have … More A light post


February 16th is the eighth anniversary of this blog; February 17th is the anniversary of my feeling it had actually started. February 17th also marks six months that I have been un-depressed. That was the pre-written post I had planned to have come up now. It is ironic because really I am coming off a … More febrero

Lacan, Žižek

Jacques Lacan proposed as the axiom of the ethics of psychoanalysis: “Do not compromise your desire.”  I am using this quotation for other purposes but you should follow the link and read the article, which has turned me into a Žižekite. It now being the 17th, I am six months un-depressed and I think I will … More Lacan, Žižek