I will order books from Interlibrary Loan. I will finish my Peruvian abstract and make the plane reservation. I will work more on my vita. I have enough to say to fill several books. I will go to the Home Depot and buy eight concrete blocks, each four inches high. I will repair shoes, and … More Jeudi

Mon cours

I said I would give a senior/graduate level course called Raza y palabra, on race and writing in Spain and Latin America, 1486-2014. This happened in a flash of inspiration and I do not now remember my concept clearly. The title is entirely too ambitious, and there is entirely too much potential material. I must … More Mon cours

A flash of insight

Look at these instructions on how to apply for jobs. I had a flash of insight: they are asking for more materials now because they are tired of weak applications. I have never applied for a job that asked for a research statement, but I always included clear discussion of research in my letter. Now … More A flash of insight

Deborah Root and the concept of my book

I must find that Julio Ortega book, and I must teach something by Ortega y Gasset in that class on raza. On Spain, we will read things by Branche, Goode, Piedra, and Ortega y Gasset. We will also study Vasconcelos and Aztlán: espíritu, raza, palabra. Meanwhile: Deborah Root’s 1988 review of Todorov’s La conquête de l’Amérique points … More Deborah Root and the concept of my book