So it is going now, and I am becoming one with this project. Whole. The image of jumping off into a project does not work for me. I decided it was not a question of jumping off, but of drawing things toward me. You have to think in terms of integration and love, not alienation, … More One

That work allergy

I do not think it is lack of interest, much though I have tried to claim over the past twenty years that it is. And true as it is that I have other interests that could be professional interests, interests I feel I could pursue with greater happiness and success because they are in fields … More That work allergy

Ser alguien

Today with Creole plate lunches we were talking about strategies for getting things done. We already know that in summer, to assign oneself four hours of work each day and take the rest of the time off is a wonderful, relaxing, renewing strategy. First a week’s absolute vacation, then this. So we are not talking … More Ser alguien

Sur la productivité

We — my only real colleague and I — have both decided, independently of one another, that we are no longer unhappy with Maringouin, our town, or even with Vichy State, our university. It is our main department that dogs us, by undermining our senses of self and professional expertise. I, meanwhile, have been talking to … More Sur la productivité

Esto es significativo

¿Maras, hambre, ignorancia? Los niños trabajadores y abandonados de América central salen a correr al “país del nunca jamás” guiados por esa especie de sombra impuesta por el norte sobre el sur de nuestra América, con su manera de susurrar que el único camino a la vida mejor es la renuncia a la dignidad. This is quite … More Esto es significativo


Icelandic has “fyrirboði” Faroese has “fyriboðan” The Faroese word “fyriboðan” is translated: portent; presage (t.d. of evil, of good); omen (t.d. an omen of success, of failure); sign, augury; (um vanda, vanlukku eis.) forewarning, foreboding; (um eydnuríkt úrslit) auspice (um of) (vanliga flt, t.d. the auspices are good); vera ~ um (eis.) foreshadow, presage; (um … More fyrirboði

La lucidez

I had this flash of happiness and competence yesterday. Not just a clear memory of life before Reeducation, but the real thing. …I was able to shut the mistreatment off completely, and also the idea that I am not qualified to do what I am doing. …This was possible in part because of having had … More La lucidez