So it is the splitting I experience. Last week’s exercise on shame (and the shame I feel comes from this) made it perfectly clear that the problem is splitting. I always have done it to some minor extent. Graduate school cured me of most of it, and Reeducation brought it back in a much more … More Splitting

On shame and defeat

From the dirty old mess hall, you march to the brick wall Too weary to talk and too tired to sing And it’s all afternoon you remember your home town All inside the walls, the walls of Red Wing –B. Dylan Those are often my sentiments and the feeling of incarceration and longing for home … More On shame and defeat

Sur Cuba (et la nuit)

“The dualism that emerged in Cuban ideology–between liberal constructs of patria and radical formulations of nationality–is fully investigated as a source of both national tension and competing notions of liberty, equality, and justice.” This is interesting. Meanwhile, in addition to everything else, I must remember to read online homework. I am very busy and I … More Sur Cuba (et la nuit)