Si yo pudiera…

If I could run these language courses in a way that would work for me and the students, I would:

1/ Walk in with review and warm-up questions (5 minutes)

2/ Go over homework (5 minutes)

3/ Have a short quiz (5 minutes)

4/ Introduce a new reading / vocabulary theme / grammatical structure (depending on the day) (15 minutes, including showing audio, video, images)

5/ Explain #4 after having immersed students in it and engaged them with it (5 minutes)

6/ Do some easy exercises with this new material (10 minutes)

7/ Assign some more complex exercises as homework, make announcements, wrap up (5 minutes)

What do you think? And — why is it that I cannot do anything this rational? Can I find a way to do it, in the current situation?


9 thoughts on “Si yo pudiera…

  1. Present and/or quiz on vocabulary, lecture on grammar point, do very mechanical exercises on it, then do “applied” exercises in groups, and finally some boring reading.

  2. That is how I was taught to structure lessons in a British program for teaching English as a foreign language. We also learned self presentation in class, pacing, neat and understandable whiteboards and so on. Practical stuff. At our request they added a grammar class when we realized that none of us understood the structure of English.

  3. I mean in your post, not in comments. Momentum, keeping it flowing, making sure students are interested and learning.

  4. It seems to me that what you’ve laid out would work really well, because it keeps the students moving from one thing to the next enough so that they get it without being bored.

    1. It is a question of materials, Undine, the materials we are allowed to use do not lend themselves to this at all well, and also Lousiana students are not able to handle so many different activities in 50 minutes (that is 7 things). Usually about 2.5 things is all that can be done, partly because they do not study and must be shown (we have big literacy problems here) and partly because they hate to take any kind of active role in class and this plan requires that.

  5. Next semester, too, there will be no quiz or homework grades — just attendance, class performance, participation.

  6. The textbook TOTALLY does not allow me to use this lesson plan, but I should aspire toward it.

    I am not sure about what I say above, no quiz or homework grades.

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