I want a research job

What we actually want may be what we have, but I took the weekend off and had a truly nice and interesting time. Like the people who always have pleasant weekends, I think, riding bicycles, days at the beach.

With my mind clear I am entirely ready to do work and especially research and writing and dissertation reading and seminar leading and upper division class preparation. I would like this to be a research and writing day.

It is not and most days cannot be. I already find myself procrastinating therefore on what must actually be done, and feeling frustrated and claustrophobic.

It was a nice illusion, though, that glimpse of what it would be to sit down at one’s desk of a Monday morning to the kind of work one likes, or likes better.

I wonder if I can make this real. What are the ingredients? Insistence on one’s identity as expert and professional is one of the things.


4 thoughts on “I want a research job

  1. One key is to make these basic classes interesting. That means disobeying the instructors in charge and imposing the interestingness on the students with great confidence — not quailing.

  2. Even with these materials and this system I could get Spanish 1 going correctly if I put a certain amount of time into it and gave myself my head, stopped listening to the rules of certain colleagues and textbook vendors who say I am out of date when in fact it is they who are, if you read the literature on this question. What would I need to have the time for it: some kind of continuity, Spanish 1 every semester, perhaps.

    ? Should I ask for it? And on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule?

  3. (Despite OP I can be almost as engaged with 101 papers. The KEY is to give yourself enough time, not try to “speed grade” or “cut corners” the way the time managers say one should. You have to be Zen and respectful of everything you do. I do not mean be perfectionistic or slow or overdo it — I mean pay attention.)

  4. (One of the compositions says I am a good professor because I like to teach [composition topic was not me, but OK]) … anyway this is interesting

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