An evening in Riga

I said by mail: Is the main cathedral Lutheran? It looks like it inside, but then again that might be because it is reconstructed, having been more or less destroyed by German bombs on 29 June, 1941. I went to the organ concert there and determined that this organ and these players are not actually … More An evening in Riga

Les artistes

We have three translations of Moro coming out in Asymptote in January, 2018. I wonder how actually good this may be. They are: – Oh fury the dawn emerges from your lips – The scandalous life of César Moro – Various lions lick the rugose surface of the equestrian turtle at twilight Axé.

An AAUP critique

I have reason to be interested in this, and will explain later. Recommended Standards for Mandated Assessment American Association of University Professors Policy Reports & Documents, 11th Ed Our university’s current assessment policy states that faculty calls all the shots on assessment: When it occurs, where it occurs, how assessments are designed and deployed, and … More An AAUP critique

Ideas from Arturo Arias’ article on Jean Franco in PMLA 131.3 (2016)

I love to study, but it is hard to do when people don’t like you to. When you have no context or negative context, you have to become super-strong. The idea of defending your time leads to concentrating on your parapets, not your manuscript. I do not like the idea of shrinking. I think we … More Ideas from Arturo Arias’ article on Jean Franco in PMLA 131.3 (2016)