I can look at Piedra for my text. (My favorite article ever is this one.) And if I have trouble writing, I can consider using Scrivener. Axé.

De bonnes choses

I will start studying Russian at breakfast instead of looking at Facebook, I think. And Filipino food sounds great. There is a good article about race and representation in that region said to be Acadian. Chomsky has an article on the death of universities. On organizing, he says “Don’t be intimidated, don’t be frightened, and … More De bonnes choses

World on a Wire

We will see this film! I don’t know whether to submit these poems to The Nation or to Two Lines. I am thinking Two Lines is a good place to send this author, although they want a longer set than what I was about to send off. There are other journals: Latin American Literature Today, … More World on a Wire


I woke up thinking of a poem to write and later while folding clothes thought of another. This is unusual. I should keep them in mind and work on them when I sleep again. One is about my death row prisoner. I think of him as work and he thinks of me as love. The … More Proto-poems


I finished revising my copyedited essay and the journal accepted the revisions, including the ones that disagreed with their own. I submitted the three translations, with a very good introduction and translator’s note, to one place that takes multiple submissions, and sent an inquiry to another place where my work is known. The author managed … More Aargh