Old notes on another topic

This was part II of the first organizing workshop, and it was on positive messaging. [Avoid getting caught in manipulative tactics because you are trying to understand (and also trying to create bridges, get along).]

  1. Get a good marketing firm, they said, and know what messages you want to put out.
  2. Create a site like CSU Connects — an alternative to an organ like La Louisiane. They have it for every campus. The stories on the site would also go out to a PR wire service, and posts would be promoted on Facebook.
  3. Remember you are always selling your story, not your organization.
  4. Monday morning is a good time to get things into the paper.
  5. Bring stories to life with visual elements.
  6. Tie events you may hold to the current calendar or a current issue.
  7. Choose and train spokespeople, and choose them well, they must be animated.
  8. Even if you are complaining, remain positive: emphasize positive goals.
  9. Write and publish my article (the language and … article) in the CHE.
  10. Events and campus commitments to support them — educational events, consciousness raising events.
  11. Letters to all new faculty.
  12. Labor day social.
  13. Orientation packet.
  14. Reception after orientation.
  15. Problems we have: hostility, demoralization, fragmentation.
  16. The message is always that you are supporting students, faculty and the educational mission of the university.

I really doubt anyone else would lift a finger to start something like this and also it presupposes such a different political culture. But there is an organizing plan, or a good part of one.


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