Revista DYN

Here is a detailed description. And they have that Amerindian number. Note:

“The third number was released already in autumn 1942 with Paalen´s essay “Art and Science” about the Goethe-Newton debate on light, adapted to the dangerous imbalance of scientific and artistic notions in the modern world in view of the atomical danger. It contained also essays and poetical texts by Gustav Regler, Edward Renouf, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Valentine Penrose, César Moro and Alice Paalen.

“The fourth and fifth number were released together after Paalen´s long illness as the “Amer-Indian Number” (DYN 4-5) with Paalen’s long expected essay on “Totem Art” about his vision of the ancestor-art of the indigenous populations of British Columbia. It contained also critiques of famous anthropologists and archaeologists like Alfonso Caso (“The Codices of Azoyu“), Miguel Covarrubias (“Tlatilco, Archaic Mexican Art and Culture””, on Olmecs), Maud Worcester Makemson (“The Enigma of Maya Astronomy”), Jorge Enciso (“Seals of the Ancient Mexicans”), Miguel Angel Fernández (“New Discoveries in the Temple of the Sun in Palenque”), Carlos R. Margain Araujo (“The Painting in Mexican Codices”) and Francisco Díaz de Leon (“Gabriel Vicente Gahona”). With his essay “Birth of Fire” Paalen provided the mythological discourse in surrealism with his interpretation of Prometheus as the primordial artists marking the epochal change from matriarchal to patriarchal cultures and the pyramid as the symbol of “Mother-Earth” derived from the appearance of a new volcano; together with Gordon Onslow Ford and Jacqueline Johnson he had visited the just rising volcano Paricutin.”


10 thoughts on “Revista DYN

  1. Hello Leslie,

    Out of curiosity (because I have never handled DYN myself, does Walter Paalen cite any specific writings on the question of matriarchy giving way to patriarchy?

    (Only if this is easy!)


    1. Hi! I haven’t handled it either, that I remember. I will try to find out the answer to this question

      1. Only if it’s not too tedious. I have long trid to discover if the surrealists paid much attention to this question. A book by Bachofen on mother-right was reviewed in a journal popular with surrealists. Breton, like many of his time, does not cite his reading. Making it tough for the old-fashioned discipline of philology (which I think has some historical utility!) Many, many thanks in advance for humoring me.

      1. I see, it is because the link is to my desktop. An amateurish mistake. I will see if I can fix it in this software

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