Revista DYN

Here is a detailed description. And they have that Amerindian number. Note: “The third number was released already in autumn 1942 with Paalen´s essay “Art and Science” about the Goethe-Newton debate on light, adapted to the dangerous imbalance of scientific and artistic notions in the modern world in view of the atomical danger. It contained … More Revista DYN


Two Lines. Print journal, online features, and also books. Center for the Art of Translation. Study this journal; here are submission instructions. Tripwire. Experimental. They take translations but not poems originally written in English. Verify? Split Lip. You can submit one poem only. This is fun, if you only have one good one. Siete vientos, … More Presses

La fin

It is as though we had been through a long war and it were finally over, and we had had losses but had won, were in a position to pick up our lives again. Perhaps we have been through a long war that is now over, have had losses but have won, and are in … More La fin

For this prize I need

1. The application coversheet, with all items completed: A one- to two-page, single-spaced statement outlining the work and describing its importance. A biography and bibliography of the author, including information on translations of his or her work into other languages. A CV of the translator, no longer than three pages. If the book is not … More For this prize I need

New and fascinating information on Moro

From one Rafael Ramírez Mendoza, who seems to be really nice. “Deseos de modernidad y fronteras de lo primitivo: territorialidad y autenticidad en el debate por un nuevo imaginario peruano en Abril, Westphalen y Arguedas”. Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana 75 (2012): 253-82. (You can read this via and Ebscohost.) A surrealist letter-poem you … More New and fascinating information on Moro