Revista Iberoamericana

In one of my mad attempts to get rid of things, I am dropping four issues of Revista Iberoamericana before I lose my will power. It is not a big decision since I have library access to this journal, but on the other hand it is because I think I will sit calmly and read these, and be inspired. That is, of course, not true since having too many things does not make me want to read them. Originally I wanted to give up seven, and I could not take it.

They four are: LXII: 174 (enero-marzo 1996), with interesting articles on Manzano, Borges, and more; LXXIV: 262 (enero-marzo 2018), with an interesting article on Humboldt and Haiti; LXXXVI: 272 (julio-septiembre 2020), on indigenous literatures; LXXXVI: 273 (octubre-diciembre 2020), on Guadalupe Santa Cruz.


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