A Turkish poetry manifesto, 1941

Read it. http://criticalflame.org/garip-a-turkish-poetry-manifesto-1941/ Axé. P. S. I got this from Neil P. and he pointed out this excerpt: “The new aesthetics will only be achieved with new ways and vehicles. There is nothing new or artistic in squeezing certain ideologies into already accepted forms. The structures should be changed completely. In order to get away … More A Turkish poetry manifesto, 1941

On Difference

Gordon, Linda. “On ‘Difference’.” Genders, no. 10, Spring 1991, pp. 91-[I am missing the last pages]. This is a really good article and I think I remember it well enough to recycle it. There are a lot of things from the 90s that seem to be coming into fashion again, including questions raised, or addressed … More On Difference

Log November 5-20

5-6. I got rid of this reference: Hall, Stuart. “Cultural Identity and Cinematic Representation.” Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media 36 (1989): 68-81. I did not actually cite it. But I like this text, it is evidently one of my favorite ones since I assumed I had cited it or would do. I got … More Log November 5-20