Rant on teaching and research

The debate between them, or between the tomato and the eggplant, is a product of overwork. People should not fall prey to this and “virtue-signal” by saying which one they like best. There should be time for everything.

C. says it is the parenting aspect of teaching that is detrimental to her research.

I don’t, I say it is the data-entry aspect, the customer service aspect, and my lack of training to teach elementary school when it is often elementary school skills I need to teach–and high school level behavior I need to control.

For me, also, I’d like to be able to develop and concentrate on a few advanced courses, related to my own work, rather than teach as a creative generalist with a lot of basic skills courses thrown in.

And, if I am to teach those kinds of things, I’d like to do it in the context of a functional program. Also, if I am to teach, I’d like the freedom to teach in an up-to-date way and a progressive way. So I want to be in a program like that and I want it to be functional.

Those are some of the main reasons I don’t really like teaching and it comes down to, I’m not a person who would ever have dreamed of K-12 or CC as a career, and I’m not a martyr.


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