Henrietta Kahn’s family names

Only I will understand these notes, mais le blog, c’est à moi.

Henrietta S. Kahn’s nephew Dr. Hugo Adolfovich Leventhal was from Riga but lived in Moscow, in the house of Aleksandr Bari. Hugo was the daughter of Henrietta’s sister Rose, who lived in Riga. His father would be Adolf Leventhal.

There is a picture of him with Henrietta, via our cousins Leventhal-Bari-Efron (Sergei Efron, husband of Marina Tsvetaeva). I do not yet understand exactly who these people are. Reasoning: Leventhal and Bari are names we know already, and Efron appears to be related by marriage.

There is also a family picture with Boris Pasternak on his 17th birthday, in 1907.


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