Sobre los rusos

I did not discover until recently that I was so well known among the Russian cousins, or why. It was because they were having severe problems with my aunt, because she was suffering from age and from being in the USSR. They could solve many problems for her but not the facts of age and of being in the USSR — the gestalt of it, not the conditions of it which were secondary in their case.

But then, it appears, I showed up on radar writing from the United States in French, with our surname and being a chipper child. This solved the problems of age and of the gestalt of the USSR, and thus greatly alleviated the burden of care of my aunt for my cousins. This is why I am “Dear Z,” although they have never seen me.

I have never seen them, either, but you know, solidarity forever. We, on this side, always voted Socialist, although they did not.


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