8 thoughts on “I am taking a MOOC

  1. I can’t manage to be positive, open or fair minded about this horror. It is like a nightmare. And it makes me sad, when I think about the fine educations my husband, children and I have had. To be replaced with this…

    1. The other students love it, though. They, like the professor, aren’t into this in an academic / intellectual way, they are interested in sharing their convictions and finding out about new materials that may confirm or ensanchar these. I am a fish out of water.

    1. I know. I saw this and it is part of why I am so incensed. Also, in the Facebook group for Spanish speakers, they are yapping on about the importance of “integration” … I have no patience, these people have no expertise, they are just mainstream newspaper readers; they are interested and deserving and everything but they need a class with someone in field…

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