Things I’ll do

1/ House: floor . . . and there are other things, but the floor is first. 2/ For the Chasqui article: Scenes of Subjection? I need to formulate all of this, and I could use it as an opportunity to talk about books for our alleged edited volume. 3/ Presses for our edited volume would … More Things I’ll do

How odd

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Rafael Barradas 1926 Suddenly not to want to write anything personal. After a few years of thinking, on the other hand, that writing academic prose was pointless. Now, working under the conditions imposed by the pandemic, academic articles seem like an act of heroism. These are my thoughts as I…

Borges, or, I guess I’ve got to develop another course

Of course there’s a Spanish professor who says we should not teach Borges at all, we should teach about the drug wars, but I will have to go further with him, not less far. My irritation with the version of Borges taught in many English classes is that they call him and various others “magical … More Borges, or, I guess I’ve got to develop another course


Annals of that Russian Empire, which persists, and of New York, which also does. My relatives are discussing the Shirtwaist Fire, reported to them in letters now revealed. Student: I cannot get involved in crime. Being Russian is no advantage. Arguing about it is why my paper is not in. Leslie: You have 24 hours. … More Poème

In training

I am doing the anti-discrimination training and it is showing me that I have suffered even more discrimination and harassment than I thought and that the effects of the said discrimination and harassment are officially taken seriously by the training. This, however, does NOT mean I haven’t tried to get it addressed, and it does … More In training

One way or another

…I’m going to find you, find you, find you. Posts for today are from Remaking the University and they are about money. One and two. There’s this too, although I find the Green New Deal framework distracting, and this, and this. Axé.