Silver Dazzle

Paul Dresman’s The Silver Dazzle of the Sun is a brilliant book of very well distilled poetry, with Southern California as one of its major backdrops.

Today we have what we call “California weather,” meaning 75 dry degrees in a cloudless sky with high, bright white light. On a winter day back home the sun shines silvery just like this, and the sea turns gold.

I thought of Los Angeles and its odd pleasures as I drove out to lunch, seeing the sun glance off the asphalt and dazzle the cars.

There and also here on a day like today the sky is so transparent you see straight to Oxalá as you pick up a fried pork chop, peas and greens from a jaunty and unpretentious stand.


One thought on “Silver Dazzle

  1. nice visualization — nice

    today the sun it shining so bright that you can’t escape it’s glare, even in the shade ~ but it feels so nice on my skin

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