Antics Serious and Not


“There is absolutely no attempt on the part of the Army or this agency to deny soldiers any disability benefits or to push them off on the VA,” said Col. Andy Buchanan, the agency’s deputy commander.


When a vampire expert allegedly seduced a tipsy UC Irvine student four years ago, he inadvertently set off a chain of events that now jeopardizes the school’s control of a dead philosopher’s prized archives.

The story came to light after UCI announced last week that it would drop a lawsuit against the widow and sons of philosopher Jacques Derrida, the acclaimed founder of deconstruction…


5 thoughts on “Antics Serious and Not

  1. So true. Many have to fight for a medical review board before discharge which is their right. However the military will not inform or word it to imply that they cannot have a review board. In addition the commanding officer can override medical’s (the institution) advice even though that commanding officer is not, NOT a doctor, nor has he or she (mostly he) know a thing about medical conditions. In addition, race and sex often plays a factor in benefits awarded, even when the “review board” has never physically seen the service member because the beginning of each medical entry starts with: 30 [insert age] yr old black [insert race] male [gender]. That is a bias waiting to happen.

  2. hey!

    yes, we’ve been following the Derrida/vampire story here in OC – I haven’t written about it though I do remember the meeting the so-called vampire expert at a party – no comment at this time.

  3. interesting articles…

    and i feel now for the vets coming back — as since this story leaked, i bet the armed services is giving them as hard a time as they do about getting psych help…

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