More on Jindal

My neighbor says Bobby Jindal is inevitably our next governor, so I am reposting every anti-Jindal e-mail I get in the hope that it may help stem this red tide. Here is today’s mail from one talented associate: Recently, fast-talking Bobby Jindal spoke to the Beauregard Chamber of Commerce. Jindal showcased H.R. 6111, a congressional … More More on Jindal


At graduation much advice was given, but my advice would have been on shoes. Most peoples’ shoes did not fit at all well. This made it harder to stand and step well, and I kept thinking of how that would look at a job interview. Everyone needs a pair of well fitting shoes now. Axé.

Memphis Blues

This is a 1987 recording of the Memphis Blues with Louis Nelson and his New Orleans All Stars. That is Louis Nelson himself on trombone, and Danny Barker on banjo. It is tomorrow’s song, so it is festive. We all graduate – several times, in fact, for those of us who have earned dual degrees … More Memphis Blues