Memorial Day

The $12 billion dollar “Support the Troops” legislation passed by Congress requires Iraq, in order to get reconstruction funds from the United States, to privatize its oil resources and put them up for long term (20- to 30-year) contracts. Happy Memorial Day! I am planting food and reducing oil consumption. Now. Axé.

Manuel Bandeira

Arte de Amar Se queres sentir a felicidade de amar, esquece a tua alma. A alma é que estraga o amor. Só em Deus ela pode encontrar satisfação. Não noutra alma. Só em Deus — ou fora do mundo. As almas são incomunicáveis. Deixa o teu corpo entender-se com outro corpo. Porque os corpos se … More Manuel Bandeira

Dissertation Topic

Ralph Ellison and Octavio Paz? I am not sure this would work, but it occurs to me. Read this and think about it: Ralph Ellison and alienation: It would seem an obvious pairing. After all, he won his initial acclaim for extending the most fashionable affectation of the 1950s onto black America. Yet he may … More Dissertation Topic

Green Tara

It is Friday, Oxalá’s day, and for the weekend we shall invoke Green Tara, the principal female manifestation of enlightenment and “Swift Liberator” from the Eight Great Fears. According to the First Dalai Lama, these fears are representative of corresponding defects, flaws, or obscurations: lions and pride, wild elephants and delusions, forest fires and hatred, … More Green Tara

Goin’ Down Slow

I am on a Lightnin’ Hopkins kick, and I think it is justified. In the Blog World, I want to say that I am concerned about Colorado Bob, and I have the feeling that someone who knows how should call him on the phone. Axé.

Mojo Hand

This the great Lightnin’ Hopkins. Watch his hands. I am invoking my own mojo hand because I am bored with the article I am writing. My problem is that it is in Spanish because it is destined for a Chilean journal, but many of my most interesting sources are in English and the text itself … More Mojo Hand

On Individualism

I would like to repeat these words by Martin Duberman, who I really do not think wrote them to defend a false universalism: For women, the common enemy remains the patriarchy. For blacks and Latinos, it is still white racism. For gay people, heterosexual oppression. None of these movements function effectively when the focus is … More On Individualism

Lisa’s Writing Meme

The Paper Chaser says, “Confessing Author has this done on her website, and I think it can be altered nicely for academic writers (why should fiction writers have all the fun?). So … substitute ‘article’ if you need to for ‘book.’” I am a less dedicated academic writer than the Paper Chaser, but I am … More Lisa’s Writing Meme

L’intolérable ici

“This is the kind of offence that cannot be tolerated in our society,” District Judge J. Owen Forrester said when sentencing [Joya] Williams, the woman who plotted to steal Coke’s secrets and sell them to Pepsi. The most important crimes, it seems, are against large corporations. Axé.