Sustainability Quiz

Mes chers lecteurs et lectrices, this quiz is not a game. It is the best quiz ever, a Sustainability Quiz. My responses indicate that if every member of this planet lived as I do, we would need an additional 4.9 planets to sustain us. I must tone things down instantly. I will walk to work and stop keeping lights on in two and three rooms at once, as I do now. I will discover more green things to do. Perhaps I shall grow pumpkins. Brought to you by the Redstar Perspective.


5 thoughts on “Sustainability Quiz

  1. I generally live low down on the energy scale, in part because of thrifty habits my mother gave me, and a general reuse/recycle lifestyle. My biggest footprint issues are eating out too frequently and driving instead of taking the bus to work. Both of these habits have to do with conserving my physical and psychic energy. When I am poorer, I don’t eat out, but when I can afford it I do, in large part so that I can use wi-fi at lunch. The car thing I rationalize by factoring in child transportation and our wicked weather, but the fact is that if I absolutely had to, we could use the bus. But it would also cut hours out of my work time, and my stamina these days is low. Once daughter is in high school and coming and going by herself, I will divorce the car.

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