On Perception and Reality

Tower of Babel – Western Epistemology, by Jennifer Cascadia. A snippet:

“Rational thinking has become a lost art, and catering to one another’s ‘perceptions’ by treating all perceptions (no matter how outlandish) as if they were already valid components of reality itself has become more common. In other words, social interactions have become politicised. . . .”


6 thoughts on “On Perception and Reality

  1. I’m quite unpleasant to have noticed all of this, which has appeared before my eyes over the last twenty or so years. Obviously I am using my perceptions in a ‘poisonous’ way and not in a feel-good way at all. I am, as such, possibly a betrayer of “my race” (although by no means of the human race, whose friend I am.)

    Can it be that one person’s meat is another person’s poison?

    If you find it fairly easy to belong by fitting in and following a path of least resistance; if you have always “belonged” in your neighbourhood, in this street, in accordance with the American or Australian way, then sitting pretty is a relatively easy task for you. You can indulge others in the sense of catering to their emotions and you always feel as if you have the moral high ground.

    However, the cost for you taking this moral high ground of indulging other people’s emotions is a reduction in cultural and social diversity, a mediocritising of manners, a higher level of contentiousness and stress in the environment, an anti-intellectual mood, and an unleashing of petty vindictiveness that is justified as “democratic” and even moral.

  2. “Democratic” in that it enforces majority rule in a relatively homogeneous place? (That seems to me to be the vulgar definition of “democratic” in the U.S.)

  3. Jennifer: Your comment was clearer, than the post quote.

    I know you well enough, that “fitting in,” on other terms than your own, won’t happen.

    Professor: We have mutual friends.

  4. Yeah, I think that maybe some people mistake the outcome of backbiting, social hysteria and “free expression” as a kind of democracy meets social darwinism. (In other words as both inevitable AND ideal.)

    Renegade Eye is a net acquaintance of mine from way back.

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