Carlos Gardel

The country of Argentina has never been my very favorite, but it has my favorite vocabulary and syntax. Observe and if you wish, repeat. Consider words such as “muchachada” and phrases such as “mi cuerpo enfermo,” “el bacán que te acamala,” and many others. MANO A MANO (Gardel / Razzano / Flores) Rechiflao en mi … More Carlos Gardel

Alberto Fujimori

I  There is a good website for the trial of ex-President Alberto Fujimori, for very serious human rights violations in Peru. The trial begins 10 December 2007 in Lima. This video has a slightly anti-Asian frame (Fujimori fled to Japan and claimed Japanese citizenship at one point, and he is known in Peru as “El … More Alberto Fujimori

El Indio Gitano

Flamenco is, I think, my Official Favorite Music, and I am enthralled with the Indio Gitano, also known as El Moro. With Manuela Carrasco, Soleá and Bulerías. If I could find good Flamenco dance lessons, I would take them. Perhaps I can study Flamenco guitar. Part I Part II Axé.

On Perception and Reality

Tower of Babel – Western Epistemology, by Jennifer Cascadia. A snippet: “Rational thinking has become a lost art, and catering to one another’s ‘perceptions’ by treating all perceptions (no matter how outlandish) as if they were already valid components of reality itself has become more common. In other words, social interactions have become politicised. . … More On Perception and Reality

Andean “Free” Trade

Via Truthout: Today a huge mining corporation, Grupo México, has provoked a strike by demanding that miners work 12 hours a day instead of eight in Peru’s largest copper mine. The Peruvian government supports the company, because it believes longer hours and lower wages will attract more foreign investment. Since NAFTA passed, the same company … More Andean “Free” Trade

On Entergy

Read this by Greg Palast. It appears that Hillary Clinton‘s old law partner did time for refusing to testify against her . . . and was paid $500K for it by the Little Rock company Entergy and its partners, the Riady family of Indonesia. There is much more to it and it all has to … More On Entergy

El laberinto del yo

This is for everyone, but especially for anyone who has been told by persons untrained in literature and unaware of the labyrinth which is autobiography, that it is “dishonest” to have a writing persona which does not correspond to a “true” self. “To the Strand, to my bookseller’s, and there bought an idle, rogueish French … More El laberinto del yo