6 thoughts on “On Lynching

  1. I can’t look at the lynch images of WoC PhD. Sorry. I kind of had my gutful seeing the images on a charity site for the benefit of African women’s development, and after listening to a documentary on men’s domestic violence last night. So now I have really, really had enough.

  2. OK, although the lynching images don’t dominate the thing (or the video). Here’s an interesting piece of info: apparently when Obama was in Kenya one time he dressed in traditional garb, including a turban, and that makes him look more Muslim (it would most people) and this photo is now being circulated around the Internet to make him look scary.

    (The effectiveness of hats: mixed people like Obama really could be from lots of places, and the right hat always cinches the look.)

  3. He should take to wearing a bowler hat like Cicero.

    Really, though, I am kind of irritated and overwhelmed by my sense of impotence regarding all the bad news from Zimbabwe that lands in my letter box.

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