El 4 de marzo en Texas

I am an honorary Mexican, so I get to like this video especially. In the black felt hat Obama looks like a Louisiana man. Check out further selections from the diverse selection of beats at the brilliant Obama Jukebox – from the middle aged white couple tangoing for Obama to the Mighty Sparrow who has written him a calypso.

Update: in additional Obama lore, it appears he is a Myers-Briggs ENFP. I am, too, so maybe this is why I like him, but if we are going to use these sorts of metrics, I am more interested in his astrological chart. As a Capricorn, I am a good manager despite being a non-controlling ENFP. Obama seems to be a 9th house Leo with a 7th house Gemini moon. We need to erect his birth chart (August 4, 1961, in Hawaii, but I need the exact place and time) and learn predictive astrology (not an easy subject).


30 thoughts on “El 4 de marzo en Texas

  1. Merci! It is *quite* interesting and it gives me a couple of ideas … namely on how to fix my out of discipline article … ! 🙂

  2. That information about Obama is enlightening. I was gleeful when I read it because I’m ENFP, too, and a Leo. There should be an Obama astrological chart. I read one on GW Bush before he got elected. It said (I’m not making this up) that if he were born to a poor family, he’d probably end up in prison, but if he were born to a rich family he’d end up as a powerful ne’er-do-well (paraphrased).

  3. OMG that is hilarious – about your info, but also about Bush! There must be an astrological chart of Obama. Maybe if I e-mail him he will give me his exact birth time and place. I already know he has a Gemini moon in the 7th house, which gives *some* idea of the time. The most obvious thought is that he would have Sagittarius rising, but I would think he’d have Libra rising. And just with the birth date one knows what sign the planets were in.

    In any case with the info I could erect a chart and make a basic interpretation – I’m sort of a good interpreter, although not terribly skilled. I have a friend who is deeply into astrology and would be able to say yet more.

    N.B. This friend, by the way, lives in NYC and thinks that McCain would beat Obama because Obama is Black. Is that really true, do you all think? With all those white people in places like Idaho voting for him, at a time when they could have voted for a white man like Edwards?

  4. Ojalá sea verdad. Me gustó también.

    Did anyone else notice that Austin was left off the map of places that it didn’t matter where you were from? I mean, the state capital?

  5. It said if you were “del Valle,” and I guess that is close to Austin. It just seemed odd to me. I know these songs have to rhyme.

  6. Rhyming may be the thing. The Valle, though, is far: it’s the RGV (Rio Grande Valley), right? That’s on the border, down by Reynosa.

    This is subjective: Austin does have a large barrio but I think of it as an Anglo town. Maybe it’s not on the list of must-mention towns if you are trying to cover the main tejano places?

  7. I am behind at work, I puttered around all weekend on the phone and internet – and gardening – and going, uncharacteristically, to a *basketball game* – and I am behind!

  8. Yes, being behind is a true Bane. I am only just beginning to understand this. It’s like being imprisoned, or something.

  9. Well Stewart has asked me to write the constitution for our women’s self defence agency, today. So, I’m going to go through and find other internet examples to model it upon. It’s kind of hard to write it from here, though. I should be in Zimbabwe, assessing the situation there and writing it.

  10. Oooh, have fun! Are you going to have a President, or follow some other model?

    In the midst of everything else I am having to deal with the passive agressive sallies of lazy students and I am glad at least to have found the blog passive agressive notes:


  11. Well we need to put a female at the head of it, so that we can get funding more easily. So that will be either myself or someone else more locally based.

    passive-aggressivity sucks.

  12. Generally, yes. I like the trim(femin)ate structure rather than a Presidency, etc.

    You might run it by a lawyer. The sort of thing that occurs to me is, on closing: what if the three managers do not agree about closing?

    What they always say about businesses and partnerships: they *will end* at some point and the time to get precise about how they will end is at the beginning.

  13. Do you know of a lawyer who would look at it? I don’t personally.

    I have a feeling that the closing issue will not be too important. I don’t think we will amass too many funds. The only problem could be if there were legal culpabilities for some reason — for example injury.

  14. Here, yes, but you need one for there. I’d look at a legal instruction book of some kind at least. There are all these do it yourself legal manuals, do your own divorce, incorporate your own company, sell your own house, etc. Injury is a good example and then just general responsibility and continued good will.

    Example: we did not create our anti-death penalty organization well enough – it had a constitution, but this constitution did not foresee all eventualities – and this is why the women in charge all ended up un-friends at the end: not because of money or liabilities but because people had very different ideas about what it was responsible to do, and it hadn’t been hammered out well enough at the beginning.

    Don’t take my advice if it doesn’t seem applicable, but I’ve learned to be cautious. It’s hard to get people who haven’t had a business before to do this – they say, but we’ll all get along, we’re reasonable! But people who have had businesses, have always had a prior bad experience because of not doing this, and have learned from that and are typically now amenable.

  15. Yeah, so maybe there needs to be something in there about injury or liabilities etc. Also Maybe the lawyer ought to be Zimbabwean?
    Or Internationalist?

    Yeah, I am all for having everything layed down in a formal way, because that just makes things easier, rather than having to explain things all the time. I don’t consider myself to be a great communicator in the diplomatic sense. Far better to have a constitution and have everything layed out. But anyway, this is my first stab, which is bound to be lacking in various ways. I’ve sent it to Stewart, and it should go back and forth a few times before we are happy with it, I imagine. The thing is that it should be at least presentable to those who may wish to employ us soon after the end of March elections.

  16. Yes, Zimbabwean lawyer. If Stewart knows anyone, or knows anyone who has done something similar, who could look at it informally, it would be great.

    I’ve got a friend who has done so many small businesses that by now he knows how to do the paperwork without a lawyer … although if there’s a lot of money involved, it’s still good to have one. Someone like him in Zimbabwe, at least, who knows what will look good/reasonable/ recognizable there, would be helpful even if lawyers cannot be found.

    I don’t know what Zimbabwe is like. What I am hoping for these purposes is that, due to the poor economy, it has underoccupied lawyers in it whom one knows one way or another from frequenting the same coffee stands and things like this, and that some eccentric and yet competent one of these might be willing to give pointers without charging.

  17. Well Zimbabwe is a class society, and so any business people are ruling class. They will also probably be lean and shrewd enough to survive in the present circumstances. It is possible, though, that somebody in Stewart’s extended family may have connections.

    In the mean time, here is a piece I wrote.

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