Film Movement

Film Movement is not a service like Netflix but in some ways it could replace it. Check it out. What do you think?

Meanwhile there is a complete and excellent blog on the Fujimori trial, which is ongoing. Alan García, our current president, also faces human rights charges for events including the El Frontón massacre. And I begin to realize why it is that Peru now reminds me of Nicaragua: it is war torn and you can really tell.


5 thoughts on “Film Movement

  1. I am seriously tempted to subscribe to Film Movement. It’s a great way to support independent film, build a collection, and they make it easy to blog about the films by providing downloadable images and discussion guides. If you subscribe you get excellent prices on their back catalogue as well. It won’t replace netflix for me because there are plenty of movies I want to see but not own. Netflix is for satsifying urges and whims.
    I will have to read the Peruvian presidential trial blogs later; thanks for the links.

  2. I also want to join Film Movement but the screen I own doesn’t even make Netflix tempting enough and I have not yet acquired a better one. It’s on the list.

    Fujimori trial heats up tomorrow, Monday, with testimony from Vladimiro Montesinos, AKA Vladi!!!

  3. Update Monday late morning: Vladi is saying Fujimori has no responsibility!

    I am not seeing a lot of coverage of this in EL COMERCIO, by the way…

  4. That’s interesting. If I were on better terms with my Peruvian colleague I would call him up to ask about it.

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