Best of the Blues

It is the weekend, so we must sing! Singing recommendations for this weekend have been made by our contacts at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. They are singing with these stars:

BOBBY BLAND – Z.Z. HILL – ROBERT CRAY (especially the song “Back Door Slam”) – SIR CHARLES JONES – RAY CHARLES – JOHNNY TAYLOR – and MISS TOMMY YOUNG (especially the song “Do You Still Feel the Same Old Way?”).

Of these my favorites are Z.Z. Hill and Sir Charles Jones. This has in part to do with their names, since I am myself listening to other music at this point.


Specifically, the music to which we danced and sang included huaynos, Creole waltzes, and reggaeton. Before that I was at the feast of St. Peter in Chorrillos, wherein the saint is embarked on a fishing boat and set out to sea. TV Peru found me eating ceviche by the pier and interviewed me, and a friend who happened to turn on the news later in the day saw the clip.


4 thoughts on “Best of the Blues

  1. First, if the festival was worth coming to. Then if the ceviche was good. Then if it was well priced. Then they figured out I might be foreign and asked me my name, which confirmed I was. Then they asked if I liked Peru, how long I had been here, and so on. ! 😉

  2. I totally dig Bobby Bland .Saw him a couple of years back at an outdoor venue
    on an evening in south texas. I’m a big fan of your site too..

  3. Hi Anisa, welcome, and I like the image – Bobby bland outdoors in the evening in south Texas – it’s freezing and uptight here, and that sounds sooo goood!

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