A New Whiteman

HYPERBOLIZED FOR HUMOROUS EFFECT PZ: You want me to engage in a major service project to benefit you, and you will stay here if I succeed within three years? Who are you, again? Axé.

Lara! Lara!

I always did like the month of October, so maybe it is just that, but I have this strange feeling that something is about to happen. I do not know what it could be. This has been a beautiful weekend, although I have not taken advantage of it at all. I have done virtually nothing … More Lara! Lara!

Those Big, Bright, Gumdrop Unicorns, or New Assistant Professors

Dear Gumdrop Unicorns, When you tell me that if our department has not, within three years, accomplished the things you would like it to accomplish, you will go on the market, all I can really think of to say is start now. If what you want done is to be accomplished in five years, concrete … More Those Big, Bright, Gumdrop Unicorns, or New Assistant Professors

On Mental Slavery

I knew the first week of my first job that I did not want to be a professor, at least not in the kind of institution – and there is an archipelago of them, rather like a gulag – to which I was now bound. I looked about me and was horrified: all the other … More On Mental Slavery