Lara! Lara!

I always did like the month of October, so maybe it is just that, but I have this strange feeling that something is about to happen. I do not know what it could be. This has been a beautiful weekend, although I have not taken advantage of it at all. I have done virtually nothing but sit home and write.

Now I am surveying in the half light the yard work that needs to be done and the paint job the house will soon need. I am afraid the leak in my roof may have rotted part of an outside wall. I need to crawl through the attic and look. The white picket fence, an item I happen to have in my possession, needs painting now, and I am going to do it although this particular item does not correspond at all to my identity. The chives and bananas, the mushrooms, basil and mint are growing so fast, they seem like those accelerated movies of flowers blooming we saw in elementary school, except that in this climate they really do almost double in size every week. You have to eat them.

Really I am just me and just here, but physically the person I was has risen within me. I recognize all the muscles and bones. I have the distinct impression I am watching the sun set in the distance over the Pacific, like stout Cortez, and realizing with wild surmise that although it is indecorous to think so I am ready for tomorrow’s test.

I feel like someone who has been in training and is now ready to jump up and volley anything. I feel ready for questions on footnotes to the Cantos of Ezra Pound. I feel ready even for illegal questions on Virgil or Horace, or on the ablative absolute. I could discuss Mallarmé or Melville. I could explain Mariátegui, Machado de Assis, or the Archpriest of Hita. I could tell you what Fanon would have thought of Derrida. I feel like Brian Lara.

I feel lively like a can of V-8 juice. I feel like a V-8 engine, with power it is unlikely to need but could use in an instant if necessary. I remember best the most pleasant and interesting aspects of the past. I feel that the present is large, the roads broad, and the ceilings high. The Lima acupuncture sessions appear to have worked.

Sur ce, je vous laisse. Au moins pour l’instant. Le blog, il a fait son travail, et moi, je dois écrire mes livres. Je pourrai bien revenir. J’arriverai peut-être demain même. Mais si je suis inconstante, ou si je me repose, ne vous inquiétez pas. Vous me verrez toujours sur vos sites, et à mon Séminaire Permanent.


8 thoughts on “Lara! Lara!

  1. Tell us what Fanon would have through of Derrida. It surprised me quite a bit to see that Fanon thought that the bourgeois state was the quintessentially (I presume) real kind of state as compared to the rather clunky cultural outpost of the colonial state. Consequently, he gives me the impression that he might have been a man who was either slightly naive (but not in all respects, as in law the bourgeois state can tend to be freer than the colonial state is) or else one who hankers after the *real* kind of domination, as opposed to the fakey fakey sort, which he doesn’t want to be dominated by. We see in Foucault a tacit recognition that cultural history as our real and honest-to-goodness dominating master, along with those who profess authentic religious authoritarian beliefs that are not of the clunky and all too familiar Christian sort. So maybe there is a common link between these two on the basis of authentically valid as opposed to shoestring and unmonumental domination?

    and Derrida?

  2. I’ve been neglecting you, but I’ve marked practically every post of yours for the last couple of months to come back to. I hope that I will see you around. You are really important to my mental health.

  3. The Lima posts were all noteworthy; lately I find myself clicking to you the second my newsreader updates–so lightening up is fine. But I do need you.

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