On the Psyche

I should really go to sleep and I will, but I think I have finally grasped a model. In early Reeducation,

PZ: This seems dangerous. You would like me to renounce thoughts, which you view as delusions, feelings, which you call instincts, because you are sure my ‘instincts’ are poorly trained, and discernment, which you call ‘control.’ You would like me to replace these with what you call ‘feelings,’ which I would call passing sensations. I do not know a great deal about psychology but it appears to me you are asking me to reduce myself to some sort of impulse driven Kleinian state . . . unless you think I should be a histrionic 1940s movie heroine.

Reeducation said I was being too intellectual again, but I do not think so. I have just caught the model back. You can have thoughts, feelings, and discernment and you can simply observe passing sensations. I think these actually may be the main pieces of the psyche and I cannot believe I seriously tried to reject the most fundamental three, or that I allowed them to be delegitimated. This is very interesting.


4 thoughts on “On the Psyche

  1. Last night I was annoyed that a friend of mine said that women know to have sex when they are ovulating because they want to get pregnant. And he is a dr. I was always at my horniest right before my menstrual period!
    And that’s just one example. You would think at my age I would not have to still hear nonsense like that.

  2. I think men forget the truth as they get older. When I was 25 men never said this kind of thing, and my sutdents don’t say this kind of thing. But I have started to hear it from men my age. ?

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