Logique du sens (On a Foreign Whiteman)

I am robbing this title from Deleuze, and I have not read the book, but it appears it might perhaps have something to do with the post after all.

Whiteman: I refuse to recognize Barack Obama as Black because I can see that he is mixed.
Professor Zero: The cultural categories Black, African-American, Afro-Brazilian, and so on, are mixed categories, and the people who by cultural identification place themselves in these categories are of many shades.
WM: It is colonialist of you to say that because I speak world English. I am from Europe and I live in Asia. My English is European and Asian, not American, so I am justified in calling peoples of the African diaspora by whatever terms I choose – regardless of what said peoples may say about it. I do so in resistance against the hegemony of U.S. English.
PZ: You are intellectually confused, for one thing. For another, you are using the excuse of resistance to U.S. English to re-impose a set of outmoded racialist categories and theories [in the actual version of this exchange, the European had cited Mendel very approvingly].
WM: You are overreacting. You see things in what I said which you only imagine to be there. You are imposing U.S. culture upon me. You are not recognizing Japanese culture and the right of the Japanese to decide who is and who is not Black in America. It is our right to use racialist terms which may be offensive to you, because it is our turn to resist your English.

Notice: “I do not care what the peoples of the African diaspora themselves may have to say. I only care what I have to say about them.”

Notice: “I will not take responsibility for what I said. I will only deny that there could be anything wrong with it.”

Notice: The absence of the sentence: “I regret having used terminology which was offensive to you.”


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