Reading For Pleasure Wednesday (late): Karel Čapek

The avant-garde rules! I read R.U.R., Čapek’s 1921 play, and it is brilliant. You can read it right here.

Our post for February 19, 2006 is archived here. It was an expansion on my statement of purpose, the other two key parts of which can be found in the first post (18.II.2006) and on the about page.

This post was written on a cold gray Sunday. I was seeing my once notorious X then. This meant I had to enter his world Fridays at 17:00, and could not realistically escape until Sundays around 03:00.

I was always glad to make it home alone those mornings. The house was beautiful, the cat fluffy, the sheets rich. When I awoke later on I would realize how exhausted I was and how desolate I felt. On this particular Sunday I was teaching R.D. the next day. Rereading his text I saw that it expressed what would be an unplanned, but important effect of writing the blog. R.D. says:

“Oh, my friend! The sky is opaque; the air, cold; the day, sad. Gray, foggy melancholies float through the air. But a phrase, or a pressing of the hand in time can warm one so much! I will see you soon.”


5 thoughts on “Reading For Pleasure Wednesday (late): Karel Čapek

  1. “This is the secret reason for this blog: so we can warm our souls with phrases, and squeeze each others’ hands in time.”

    Wow. Thank you. 🙂 We who need soul-warming and hand-squeezing are numerous, as are our dreams.

    What happened to R.D.?

  2. AH, I only wish R.D. were or had been my co writer!
    RUBEN DARIO – and

    I see what is ambiguous in the post – I am using the royal we as one does in formal writing in Spanish – and I am doing it because this blog has the ancient text and its performer, so it is double voiced.

    Perhaps R.D. is a ghost writer here. But I should probably get rid of the “our,” or explain it in some way in the post.

  3. The royal “we,” haha. And I read your post on “Forward and Fyaka…” so I know you are of royal lineage. Maybe it is your genetic predisposition coming out. 🙂

    So I will address this portion of my note to Zero and not to the ancient text. 🙂 So, Zero, you are *your own* ghost writer, then? The story gets more and more interesting.

    I said in a previous email that you could be like a Scarlet Pimpernel for the information age, but I didn’t know how true that was.:) “We seek him here, we seek him there, that damned elusive Pimpernel.”

  4. Do you know the actual meaning of Forward and Fyaka… ?? And – Rhygin was like the Scarlet Pimpernel, then.

    Yes, I am my own ghost writer. I am not from royalty, though, just minor gentry mixed with common folk. PZ the author of the original text, whose name is hidden (it would be something like 13-Rabbit), is a king.

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