6 thoughts on “Orpheus

  1. Wish i was there but I am here.

    (On another note, I think you may have interviewed one of my pals at the MLA. That’s what I think.)

  2. I’m not sure of the details because I’m not really sure of YOUR details (Louisiana State?) – but this would have been charming fellow with dark hair and a deep voice, an MFA and a doctoral candidate in English with an interest in gender studies.

    Sound familiar?

  3. AHA – I’m not full faculty in English, i.e. not on administrative type committees, don’t go to all job talks, etc. I’ll bet they hire him, though, he sounds like their type. If they hire him at LSU or anywhere in the area for that matter, give him my e-mail! 🙂

  4. Aha, if they’ve told him that, it means they couldn’t get around it. There’s a hiring freeze, supposedly with exceptions on a case by case basis, but the Governor – the Anti-Obama – is deeply cutting all departments except Creation Science, where we at Vichy State University are expanding.

    Info on Vichy State is here:

    Your friend doesn’t *really* want to work in LA and especially not in BR or other points north and east, unless he has family here or something like that.

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