Piano Lesson

It is no longer Carnival time, but it is the weekend, so we will sing! This song contains a piano lesson.

We will not sing the song I heard on the radio while driving, by a famous singer from the fifties, in which the speaker said he had told his driller he was quitting, but his driller knew he would be back This song was very macho and Republican, with a refrain saying something like “Ten days on, four days off, make good money, then have a ball,” and I heard it after spending several hours in a venue where people were discussing the survival gardens they are going to plant because Barack Obama is instituting socialism.

I have also been informed recently that many slaves would have preferred to remain in slavery, so that Emancipation was actually oppression. It reminded me of what I was told in Brazil long ago, that the Movimento Negro Unificado had been foisted onto Afro-Brazilians by Jesse Jackson.

Yes, it is clearly the fault of the Yankees, I said then. They have cast a spell on the head of your T-Neg and now the poor soul imagines he would like to be free. We used to say that back home, too, but those Yankee Negroes no longer allow us to speak God’s truth. The Brazilians did not like this very much but the parallel really is quite precise.


7 thoughts on “Piano Lesson

  1. But – on a minor point in this post but a major one in life, survival gardens, look at these articles:

    Very doomsday but it comes down to this. We must:

    1. Start stockpiling supplies.
    2. Don’t have any non collateralized debt.
    3. Have kitchen gardens.
    4. Have small sailboats, kayaks, or canoes.
    5. Have bicycles.

    The full collapse isn’t here yet but it will be good to start practicing – farming skills at least – . And put all of these things on our lists of Stuff to Get.

    The stockpiling of supplies is the hardest adjustment for me. I might start practicing with hair dye and things like that … I am convinced that even canned food will go bad by the time the crisis really comes, although I am not sure. I think the best investments now are learning to really garden and save seeds, learning to sail a small boat, and practicing canoeing and kayaking skills would be good investments for now. There may be some other ways to get off grid now that will be helpful to have out of the way later.

  2. Naturally! And those luxury items work as money when currency collapses. Remember the war (the second world war) and in my own experience, the dirty war in Peru … and the nature of the 3d world in general. Orlov says we should stockpile vodka to use as money and I am not against it. Still, for my use when they are scarce, and to use as money, I could also stockpile:

    – Hue and DKNY stockings
    – Prescriptives Photochrome Foundation
    – Perfumes and other cosmetics
    – Light reflecting, color preserving, volumizing and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners
    – more.

    On shampoo, you’d be amazed at the nature of Third World shampoos, and you would then understand why people go ga-ga over Breck or Clairol Herbal Essence).

    !!! 🙂

  3. One of my greatest fears is that this crisis will lead to more women being forced to prostitute themselves. And of course by women I mean children and teens and other vulnerable populations. Obama should get on that stat, that and far many more centers/programs for domestic abuse victims.

  4. The cigarrettes are a great idea. Yuans and euros, definitely, if one can get them, and candy bars, I suppose too, although I am afraid they will melt when the electricity goes.

    Prostitution, definitely. Chilling.

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