Faubourg Tremé 2

For St. Patrick’s Day we will continue to study new Orleans, which is also an Irish city. It was beautiful and sunny, and with daylight savings time starting so early now, the light lasted a long time. I found a cypress end table for the deck, paid off the carpenter who fixed the door, and re-engaged him to replace siding. I decided to put off some less urgent post hurricane repairs and answered an ad on Craigslist about a Yakima roof rack for my car.

I am going to carry a kayak. I do not have it yet, but I am in the market for it. I need the rack first so that when I find it, I can take it home. Not many people here carry boats on their cars — they put them on trailers or in large trucks — but roof racks sprout on the more privileged cars in winter, for skis, and in summer, for mountain bikes. I see that Yakima logo in the grocery store parking lots where the riders are buying the last of their gear, and realize they’ll be in the Rockies by morning. I want to go to the mountains too, and then continue west and home. But I am going to ride local waters in a kayak, and my car will be all Yakima, all the time.

Can the subaltern garner voice, rights, and universality, if the very idea of Enlightenment derived universality presupposes the mainentance of said subaltern in a subordinate position? Denise Ferreira da Silva’s book is hard to read, although I still claim it is epoch making. The writers of the New Orleans Tribune discussed in the video above would have disagreed with her, but what do events indicate? What would C. L. R. James have said?


3 thoughts on “Faubourg Tremé 2

  1. This is thrilling stuff, Prof. Z. And right in my center of interest, too.
    I put a request in to have the title available on Kindle. But a lot of texts are too textbooky, I guess. Or U presses don’t want to get into the Kindle thing. But they will. This is the way of the future for academic writing. Soon there will be a student version of Kindle that will be the size of a writing tablet, very suitable for textbooks.

  2. Student version of Kindle, that’s a good idea. It was a thrilling day but then I stayed up far too late reading Patricia J. Williams, much easier reading than Silva, and then I tried to decipher her book all day, I am fried — !!! How do some people get so much done in life, I feel so slow???

    Actually, for Kindle, they might put on CLR James, The Black Jacobins. It’s fascinating reading and more accessible than Silva, and also it’s a classic — it might get more readers.

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