Now, post festival, I am back in Maringouin. Thanks for coming with me to Lafayette! Wasn’t the drive home over U.S. 190 beautiful? The day after FIL ends is the first day of summer. We are splashing in the bayou now, before things get too hot and still.


Since I do not necessarily publish posts in the order in which I write them, there are two or three coming up announcing revelations which were revelations when I had them, but which are now out of date.

In real time, however, I notice an interesting shift. I started this blog to purify Reeducation out of me and to shake off the partial internalization of the passionless mediocrity, that gris-gris some parts of the academic industrial complex sell as realism.

I learned how to perceive the contours of the Christian Weltanschauung which permeates so much of the supposedly secular world in which I live. I also learned the term Academic Industrial Complex.

Trying to live within the entities I originally called “Reeducation” and “strangely weak scholarship,” and to negotiate with them without having named them properly, was the nature of my complaint. It is important to have more precise names for these entities.


After Reeducation, people kept telling me it would be impossible to become the person I had been before. You cannot heal yourself, I was told. Because of what has happened you can never be yourself again. You cannot return to your original riverbed. Yet I get closer and closer the less vulnerable I become to certain platitudes.

For today this is my favorite post (although some connotations of its title, if taken out of context, are the opposite of what I am saying here).


One thought on “Shift

  1. Realizing it is the Christian Weltanschauung is so eye opening and liberating it is hard to believe. I used not to be able to identify it so clearly, and thought it was “the way people are out here in the East” and things like that. Being able to name it and then just sail away from it makes me feel lighter and lighter.

    Almost as light as I was before I was first told the bad news (the news from the dark side, as I do not believe the Christian Weltanschauung to represent good news) was real.

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