I am still on strike, but I guess we can sing anyway. I have ladders and scraps of old drywall all over one room, and blotches of primer all over the outside of the house. I cannot get the primer off of my hands. Expensive primer washes off better than this primer does. I will buy more expensive primer tomorrow.

I also have a room full of pieces of a manuscript. I am channeling the Emeritus Professor, whom I seem to remember working on a manuscript and painting the house the summer this song came out. His manuscript was on surrealism, so the album the song came out on was particularly pertinent.

I have other songs for my own manuscript, but the fact of being able to see Grace Slick live on video 42 years later is more than good enough for now.



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2 responses to “Today

  1. Michelle

    “Today I feel like pleasing you more than before …”

    Good stuff.

  2. Singing was a tradition in strikes and social movements.

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