This blog is on strike due to non payment of one of its advertisers. It will remain on strike until such time as payment is made. You wouldn’t know it some days, but I am in fact a working man.

It will not be Friday, Oxalá’s day, it will not be the weekend, and we will not sing until I am paid.

Noam Chomsky’s article Exterminate All the Brutes (Gaza 2009) will provide plenty of reading material for everyone until my labor issue is resolved.

Comments on the article are most welcome. I would also like to know what other countries, besides Israel and the United States, believe that only their own citizens (of the right religion and party, of course) are actual persons.

I know my answer to that, of course — if everyone is not a person, nobody is, and it is only a matter of time.


5 thoughts on “Strike!

  1. I didn’t realize that you had advertisers but just clicked through to each one so that they’d know they were getting click-throughs from you.

  2. Thank you Undine … a good idea!!!! The strike is driving my hit count down, so it’s good if they get click through. (I’ll also have to try to drive up my hit count despite dearth of new posts by commenting more elsewhere….)

  3. And. My great uncle Addison Schroeder was the last member of the family to be a card carrying member of the IWW. And “Uncle Ad” was a carpenter, who according to family legend built among other things the entire town of Chester, California. And my parents still have his hammer and I have reserved it as my inheritance. So there. I am on strike.

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