New Year / Cravos de Papel


Amorzinho, lua nova,
rica fruta de pomar.
quem será que tira a prova
do vinho do teu lagar?

It has been a hard day.


I am streaming New Orleans radio live. Jazz, fireworks and white clothes on the Bay of All Saints. Olodumare let me reflect your brightness this year.

A new year is coming. The sixth sun will grow. I will be a new moon, perhaps.

In the new year, this blog will turn its intentions toward strengthening our meditation techniques.

It has vanquished Reeducation and some other attendant ills several times over.

It has experienced a great deal, and has thought very hard.

In the new year it will wear white and meditate on Olodumare, who lives in power and unassuming peace.

The sixth sun is already growing. I am a new moon, perhaps.


For this year we have a quotation from Jennifer‘s friend Stephen:

I am not leaving the human condition to malevolent and benevolent forces which preordain life’s highs and lows. On the contrary, I observe that life is more politically and economically determined by power and how it is exercised. The poor can still come up with a wish list but it is a mere exercise in futility for it must be within the confines of what BIG BROTHER parsimoniously consents to. It is very insane indeed, for the poor it must be a conscious revisit to the injustices of his condition every New Year when he puts together that wish list. The traveler’s ROAD will not and has never been of his own making. He is not responsible for the crevices and potholes he must negotiate to his destinations. Unfortunately those whose responsibility it should be, feel that after all they seldom use ROADS, they fly so they are not morally bound to make the roads’ condition traveler friendly.

Meditation does not mean we are depoliticized. It means the opposite.


I accomplished one small thing today. It seemed important symbolically. I hope it works in a ritualistic or, if you will, a “shamanistic” way.


Limpeza e lucidez. Olodumare.


11 thoughts on “New Year / Cravos de Papel

  1. News: my car is at home, it is at home! Thank you M and Olodumare! I have dived in the bay seven times and I am going to dress in white … this is how we bring the new year in here!

      1. Thanks! And happy new year to you! It’s been sort of a crappy day here and it is a lackluster evening, but I am quite determined about tomorrow!

  2. I had a good evening. I was surprised. I drank red wine and don’t seem to have much of a headache today. And I went to bed at 11.45 and heard the fireworks. That is, Mike and I went to bed.

  3. O good! And you are in 2010 already! (It is so interesting how the year doesn’t start all at once.)

    Red wine, that was a good idea. I just made a caipirinha, and it’s doing me good. I will cook. 🙂

    Two more hours, and the year will be here!

    1. oh, I see. You haven’t reached your decade-end yet! Oh well, it looks okay here, so when you reach it, I think you will be fine.

  4. What Steve said. ;p Hooray Steve! And a Happy Twenty-Ten to all. Down here in Perth, Jen and I are having fun in the Sun, Amon yay, yay, yay.

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