February 18 was the fourth anniversary of this blog and I forgot about it, having been through Saints Fever and Mardi Gras already. My first post on February 18, 2006, was entitled “Greetings” and said:

My name is Professor Zero, and I am, loosely speaking, a follower of Paulo Freire. Formerly a Subcommandante, I became Professor Zero when the Subcomandante Marcos became the Delegado Cero.

If you do not know about the Subcomandante Marcos, you can easily find out about him. A more difficult assignment is to discover where the tradition of giving leaders the number 0, as opposed to 1, came from.

This is an intellectual and creative blog, but it is not an academic one. It was created outside the university, and it speaks to all audiences.

Now we will sing:

That was the Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco of, amazingly, Lima, Peru. As you have been informed before, the day you were born all the flowers were born too; nightingales sang on the baptismal font.

Now we will continue with one of our theme songs, La feria de las flores. I like to sing into the wind, so that my songs take flight. I came here because I came to the festival of flowers.


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