Martinho da Vila

I have always liked Martinho da Vila’s voice. That is not why I am posting this video, though — it is because of a strophe in this samba:

“Na minha casa ninguém liga p’ra intriga
Todo mundo xinga, todo mundo briga.”

“At my house nobody goes in for intrigue, we all just swear and fight.”

I remember this samba because of my main department, in which everyone goes in for intrigue and nobody is willing to state an opinion in public.

I would prefer an outright brawl to the tensions the others seem to enjoy so. But let’s get back to Martinho da Vila’s song.

“Na minha casa todo mundo é bamba,
Todo mundo bebe, todo mundo samba.”

“At my house everyone is bamba, everyone drinks and dances the samba.”

Bamba means: crazy-legged like a samba dancer; a tough guy; a capoeirista; an expert at physical and verbal sparring.


3 thoughts on “Martinho da Vila

  1. Sounds like the dysfunctional family situation I’m dealing with now. I can’t fight the trouble maker in the situation because engaging with her would be a mistake.
    Luckily, this is just a visit, and they will be gone in a couple of days.

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